Night Terrors

Night Terrors

Series: Dreamweaver, Book 2
ASIN: B015X38960
The second book in the Dreamweaver series.
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About the Book

Zoe is a dreamweaver. In fact, she’s the one and only dreamweaver. All she needs to do is touch someone else and she can not only see their dreams but she can manipulate them too. Unfortunately for her, this is a very desirable talent and the sinister Department are desperate to use her powers for their own ends. At least with brooding, silver-eyed Dante by her side, she’s not going to be alone anymore, even if his over-protective nature is driving her crazy. But Zoe has bigger problems – vast swathes of people are being attacked by horror-filled visions and sleep paralysis … and it might all be her fault.

About the Author
Helen Harper

These are all the books written by Helen Harper. To read more about Helen and her work, check out her About The Author page.

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