Corrigan Rage

Corrigan Rage

Series: Corrigan, Book 3
Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
The third book in the Corrigan series, re-telling Blood Rage from Corrigan's point of view.
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About the Book

Mack is, in theory, safely tucked away at the mages’ academy. All seems calm amongst the Brethren. Taking advantage of the relative peace, Corrigan returns to his work on various initiatives for modernising the shifter world. Unfortunately when that work includes breaking into the Tower of London to steal back an ancient shapeshifter seal, he may be biting off more than he can chew. And that’s nothing compared to what happens when Mack engages in a little thievery of her own…

Corrigan Rage is the third book in the Corrigan series, re-telling the events of Blood Destiny in the Lord Alpha’s words.

About the Author
Helen Harper

These are all the books written by Helen Harper. To read more about Helen and her work, check out her About The Author page.