Bo Blackman box set

Bo Blackman box set

Series: Bo Blackman, Book 0
Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Length: 3 novels
The first three books of the Bo Blackman series are available as a digital boxset!
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About the Book

This is a collection of the first three books in the Bo Blackman series, which are about a young private investigator in London – except it’s a London filled with vampires, witches and daemons.

Book One – Dire Straits
A half-dead daemon, a massacre at her based PI firm and evidence that suggests she’s the main suspect for both … Bo Blackman is having a very bad week.

Book Two – New Order
Bo becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of magic tit-for-tat – with murderous consequences.

Book Three – High Stakes
When a woman is brutally assaulted, barely escaping with her life, Bo ensures she forms an integral part of the investigation. The trouble is that she may end up being confronted with a darkness that she’s simply not ready for…

About the Author
Helen Harper

These are all the books written by Helen Harper. To read more about Helen and her work, check out her About The Author page.

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