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New Release! Night Shade

  • April 01, 2015
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I’m thrilled that Night Shade, the first book of the Dreamweaver series, has finally been released. It’s not your typical urban fantasy tale – no vampires or werewolves here. I’m hoping, however, that it’s intriguing and exciting enough to keep you interested! And, unlike the previous post, this one isn’t an April Fool ??

“I have special coping mechanisms for the times I need to open the front door. They’re even often successful…”

Zoe Lydon knows there’s often nothing logical or rational about fear. It doesn’t change the fact that she’s too terrified to step outside her own house, however.

What Zoe doesn’t realise is that she’s also a dreamweaver – able to access other people’s subconscious minds. When she finds herself in the Dreamlands and up against its sinister Mayor, she’ll need to use all of her wits – and overcome all of her fears – if she’s ever going to come out alive.


Bloodfire: The Movie!

  • April 01, 2015
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movie_poster1So glad to finally be announcing this! After a long time in the works, the countdown is on to the release of the first Blood Destiny movie, Bloodfire! So many thanks to the director all the way from France, Mr?P. D’Avril, to the production crew at Royals of Plaid?(perfect Scots name!), and to il.lustr.us Media for making it happen.

Helen has been delighted to?work up close and personal with the day to day filming (she particularly enjoyed how Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has bulked up for the role of Corrigan) and is really looking forward to how it turns out after post-production. The lovely Rose Leslie takes on the role of Mackenzie Smith, her portrayal of the fiery and fierce redheaded warrior wilding ‘Ygritte’ on HBO’s Game of Thrones being great prep for Mac’s ass-kicking character. Let’s hope Corrigan knows more than Jon Snow!

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Exciting and Intruiging

Mack is a seriously great heroine. She is hot tempered, witty, loyal and kick-ass. As for Corrigan, he is cute and self imposing. I think the perfect hero. I can't wait for the two to get together.

Kimberly GoodReads